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Zoe’s is a three-generation family run chocolate company based in the USA. They needed help with packaging for their chocolate boxes and bar

wrappers which contain their natural and sustainable chocolate products.

Art Direction


Zoe's chocolate is inspired by the owner's Mediterranean heritage and mixed with American classic flavours. They make their sweet creations using only fresh, natural and locally sourced sustainable products. The local farms provide the fresh cream, eggs and butter and they produce their own pure honey. Only the finest dark, milk and white chocolate is used and they embrace with a passion the cultural evolution of their dual heritages (Greek and American) and offer this to their customers “to enjoy, from our hearts and hands”.


My design work started with research in to the Company and what really stood out for me was their ‘story’. They are passionate about where their ingredients come from and their offering. A pinterest board was used to gather imagery and inspiration and an abstract art direction was set.



Icons representing Zoe's story/ingredients would be used in the product wraps and boxes. With paint and pen I used mark making to represent milk, butter, eggs, cocoa pods, chocolate chips, honeycomb, hearts and hands. They were all created in black paint so that they could be scanned into Adobe Illustrator and easily turned in to vectors.

Pattern Design


Once in Illustrator I spent time creating the repeat pattern before considering colour. Zoe’s has a logo in raspberry and blue and I used these colours in various tones to produce two versions of the pattern. In the multicoloured version I also introduced a contrasting yellow and black..

Final Designs


Products were mocked up on to boxes and wrappers and presented to Zoe’s.

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