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Dr Lucy Roberts contacted me after founding a new maker's guild.  She needed a logo that would represent the bringing together of makers from both heritage and future crafts.  Lucy also needed support with branding and graphics for the Guild of Makers social spaces.

Art Direction:


The Guild of Makers was being set up to support and encourage a group of professional makers.  The makers would be involved in anything from embroidery to robots, wood-turning to clothes that light up. Lucy wanted to give a 'hat tip' to the past guilds and crafts but wanted the logo to look forward to the future too.

I started with an inspiration board on Pinterest.  As the guild would be supporting both heritage crafts and makers working in more futuristic industries it was clear that a 'vintage' logo wouldn't work.



The design process always starts with quick scamp sketches.  They may look like rubbish doodles but it's a great way to let inspiration flow.  I tend to sketch in a grid notebook and keep all the essential points written down next to me. 


I knew it would be near impossible to include icons in the logo due to the guild being open to so many crafts so I started to work with the initials 'G' and 'M'. The G surrounding the M idea stuck with me - my thoughts turned to a monogram design that would give the feeling of inclusion and support. I then moved on to digital sketching working on a monogram where the G of 'Guild' would encompass the 'M'.  I developed a clean looking monogram and then played with the end caps to try and bring in some idea of 'the maker'.



Lucy wanted 'natural' colours brought into the branding of The Guild of Makers so I provided Lucy with an initial concept document showing the monogram with potential colourways. The earth tones were the ones Lucy really liked and Lucy liked the idea of the monogram but felt it needed to have further elements of 'maker's' brought into it.

I worked on three logo designs following Lucy's feedback and designed a repeat pattern that could be used on social spaces along with merchandise and marketing materials. I felt a pattern is what could bring in the various maker industries. After I presented Lucy with the three design concepts she wanted to go with the pattern and circular logo with some revised wording.  Lucy also wanted to change the end caps of the monogram to more represent makers. The monogram was refined to include more distinctive maker icons and the circular logo was amended to reflect the new guild's sub-title text.

Final Design:

I produced the logo and pattern with the earth toned colour scheme and developed a branding guide for Lucy.  Et voila! A new guild now has a new logo, branding and social media pack.  Lucy was kind enough to give me a lovely testimonial too which you can read on my home page.

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