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Opening Up

I want to start reaching out and communicating. I feel that a business shouldn't just be about a contract, a job that just needs to be done. It should also be about a relationship with individuals that both have shared agendas. Sometimes having a website feels like a one way street - I'm a business but I'm also a one woman band working in a world of message and communication.

So here I start a process of journal entries - some personal essays, some more design focused writing, and some stories about the work I do. I hope during the process you'll comment and tell me your own stories too - it'll be a lovely way to connect with the people that pass by my blog.

I'll start with a personal essay.

A Journey

Last week I started a journey. Another life direction. Five years ago I decided to quit the rat race and spend more time with my young children. It was the right decision. The bond I have with my now six and eight year old is special. I feel I've been able lay a foundation of fun, respect and curiosity with them and just being there to chat, eat and do the mundane things has been amazing. I have to say that without my husband's support it wouldn't have been possible. In that regard I am lucky. Yet I feel over those five years I've always had to prove to myself that I can do something.

Being a mother at home didn't feel right. It's probably to do with being brought up by a very strong and independent single mother. That, and the fact that spending my days thinking about what to provide everyone but myself was something I was unprepared for. After spending the last few years dotting around in self employment, trying to discover what I'm really good at, I came to the conclusion I really can do anything. And the anything that I really want, is to work in art and design. Specifically, I want to design things for people that utilise my art and pattern strengths. So, to aid the role that I want to carve, I've put myself on a path of education.

Last week I started my Masters degree in Graphic Design and Typography. My first degree was studied through the Open University and was a Business Studies degree so actually attending a bricks and mortar establishment and being in a very well respected art school is exciting and terrifying!

I've started to write in order to document the next two years. In order to be able to look back and see my developments. I really hope I can make connections, find my place in this world and create an outstanding portfolio of work. Ultimately, I want to gain confidence and become credible in my field.

I guess time will tell.