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Patterns for Life Creating Bespoke Fabric Designs

One of the things I most enjoy about creating a fabric collection is seeing the development of a pattern. From mark making through to the composition of elements which go on to tell a story. When I get to work with clients and their interior spaces, this becomes even more exciting. It means I get to produce something which also delivers an emotional response.

Last year I had the opportunity to work with a couple who were turning a dark and run down tudor home into their dream home. They worked with Interior Designer Yasmin Chopin to transform their space but after trying to source the 'perfect' fabric for their curtains and blinds, they were at a loss. Nothing was quite right.

And this is where I stepped in! Part of my role as a surface pattern designer is to spend time with clients understanding their needs and hopes from a bespoke commission. I can inform and guide in terms of colour, mood and style and ultimately I can help save a client's time as well as ensure that the end fabric or wallpaper is perfect for the space.

For this project we spent time discussing what the client liked and disliked and I was asked to design a collection that could reflect their love of music (they both play a number of instruments), contemporary florals and the calming nature of the sea. The brief was also very specific about the colour palette. They were using Edward Bulmer paint (see colours below) and they wanted to ensure the fabric was complementary to that.

Edward Bulmer Paint Colours

Palette Developed by Yasmin Chopin, Yasmin Chopin Interior Design

I wanted to ensure that the colours I used in my patterns would match those specified by Yasmin so I contacted Edward Bulmer Paints and they kindly gave me the CMYK codes for the colours. What great service!

Yasmin also gave me a breakdown of the furnishings and fittings the client was going to have in each room and where curtains or blinds would be placed. This gave me an overall feel for what the interior would look like when complete and I could work on an appropriate scale.

I'm a multi-disciplinary artist and I tend to use lots of different media to work up a design - pencil, pen, ink, paint and collage. For this collection I used different techniques for each design. Below shows my process along with the finished design. The resulting collection is a contemporary response to my client's hopes and needs. The colours work beautifully together and I'm pleased to say the client loved them.

Abstract Collage

Inspired by wedding flowers and an 'English Country Garden'. Flowers were painted, inked and penned before digitising and using the shapes to create a collage effect.

Abstract Music

My client's have a music room in their home and play the violin and piano. They love music but didn't want a fabric that explicitly had instruments on it. I took influence from the shapes of the violin and bow movements to create this piece.

Abstract Sea

For this design I wanted to create the feeling of looking out to sea. My clients met and lived together in Cornwall and wanted to evoke memories of the sea. Working with different mediums to find the best effect, the final piece used a paper cut method to create the sea. This fabric was also going to back on to the 'Abstract Leaves' fabric so I worked with the colour palette on both to create a complimentary piece.

Abstract Leaves

And finally this design was created digitally using a graphics tablet and pen. Working on leaf shapes I then filled them with hand created textures of ink, pen and collage paper. This design was used in three colour ways.

Projects like this are a joy to do. If you would like to know more about my work or want to chat about a project you have, please do get in touch.

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