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Christian Payne, AKA Documentally, wanted to do something notable for the 10th '1984 Symposium'. He commissioned me to design a label for a beer that had been specially brewed for the event.

The 1984 Symposium had been created as a place for people to gather, picnic and discuss mass surveillance, consumer data and civil liberties. The annual setting being the grave of Eric Arthur Blair, otherwise known as George Orwell. ​ As the symposium was in it's 10th year and the Orwell Society was joining the gathering Christian wanted to mark the event with something special. ​ During research of Orwell, Christian had come across the beer that Orwell would have drunk - Simpson's dark mild. Orwell also referred to a dark mild ale in his book '1984', naming it 'Wallop'. So Christian commissioned a home brew in the style of beer Orwell would have drank himself - a dark porter.

All that was needed was a label to illustrate the context of the symposium. This is where I stepped in! You can read all about my creative process here.

With special thanks to Adrian Storey for the fab gif of my design.